Chicken Snack with Peas and Parsley

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Ground chicken and parsley and tarragon mixed into our special dough. Your dog will have the chance to taste all-natural chicken, made with 100% human grade ingredients, cage free and hormone free chicken.

• 100% human grade ingredients, cage free and hormone free chicken

• No salt, sugar, or preservatives

• No artificial ingredients or chemicals

Ingredients: Organic ground chicken, whole wheat flour, organic brown rice flour, organic coconut flour, organic peas flour, ginger, eggs, natural canola oil, tarragon, parsley, natural pure honey, baking powder, Vitamin C.

Benefits: Natural source of protein, vitamins and minerals such as Calcium, Iron, Vitamin A, Magnesium & Thiamin.

Intended to be used as a treat, not as a substitute for your dog’s regular food

Guarantee Analysis:
Moisture 11 %
Protein 12 %
Fat 12 %
Fiber 4 %

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